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Benefits of carpet cleaning after stretching

It’s a common question and most people are confused that “Is it compulsory to clean the carpet before stretching”? The answer to this question is “No”.

It’s better to clean your carpet after stretching because it makes it easier for you or the service providers to clean it properly and deeply. An unstretched carpet always creates hurdles in the path of cleaning.  Furthermore cleaning after stretching is very important. Why is it important? We will discuss it below.

Some people think that if they clean the carpet after stretching, it will bring wrinkles back on the carpet but it’s wrong. It is a myth, nothing more. Here we discuss some further details about these questions.

How difficult is wrinkled carpet cleaning

In your routine life if you ever cleaned a carpet you must have noticed that a carpet with waves and wrinkles is too difficult to clean. First of all vacuum cleaner movement is difficult over this waved carpet secondly it doesn’t allow you for proper cleaning.

When you take the services of a professional carpet cleaner, they also face the same issue of wrinkles and waves in the carpet. Due to which cleaning efficiency and accuracy can’t be achieved as it is considered. A wise decision is to clean the carpet after stretching.

Carpet cleaning after stretching

When you stretch your carpet you will notice that there are some lines left behind. When you fix your carpet back to the floor these lines will irritate you, you feel like something not done accordingly after spending money on stretching carpet. But don’t worry these lines can easily be disappeared by cleaning.

Have you got it? No? Ok let us explain it to you with a simple example. Take a piece of paper and bend it from the middle. Now put some weight on the bent edge point. After sometime reopen the paper and place it on the table, you can easily see the line in the middle of the paper explaining the whole story of what happens with it. The same is the case with the carpet when waves appear on carpets and you settle them with force rather than stretching this scenario appears. Firstly, you should do stretching on time but if done after a long time then these lines will appear.

Vacuum cleaning after stretching helps a lot in removing or disappearing these lines. So from this point hope you have now understood that cleaning can be done after stretching or it should be done.

Cleaning after stretching do not cause harm

Cleaning a carpet after stretching didn’t cause any harm to your carpet. It’s just a myth that after stretching, cleaning can cause harm and wrinkles appear on it. Cleaning after stretching is actually beneficial. If you don’t want to see lines of bending after stretching then always prefer to clean your carpet after stretching. There is no harm to clean if before stretching but the cleaning will not be efficient.

It’s just a common sense that wrinkles appear on the carpet by cleaning. Stretched carpet cleaning is best and you must follow it. It not only removes lines and provides efficient cleaning, it also gives a long lifespan to carpets.

With the above-mentioned details hopefully, you are now cleared about this question of cleaning before or after stretching.