It can be tempting to buy a new carpet but if it still can be renovated, you should give what your carpet is worth! Don’t wait any longer if your carpet is damaged! Call professional carpet repairers right away.

Yes, Dazzling Carpet Repairs can professionally re-stretch carpet whether big or small.

Getting a professional carpet repair not only helps you save time, but you can be certain that our technicians can deliver excellent outcomes as they are trained with correct execution and information to conduct sepcific carpet repair methods. So, it is definitely worth it to call a certified company who offers outstanding carpet repair.

It depends on how old the carpet is and how large the damage it endured.

The cost actually depends on the size of the room and the difficulty of re-stretching repair. But our prices are completely affordable so you won’t have to spend too much to achieve remarkable outcomes.

It would be easier to complete the procedure if the furniture is moved out.

Of course, we can. Dazzling Carpet Repairs can also handle buckles, creases and tears no matter how small or large the damage.

Dirt contains sharp micro grains and sand that grinds your carpet. Frequent vacuuming may be essential to prevent further damage to your carpet.

Having pets in your residence makes your carpet vulnerable to scratches and pet vomit. Luckily, Dazzling Carpet Repairs delivers remarkable outcomes for your pet damage repair. We have specialised tools to aid you with this problem.

Yes, Dazzling Carpet Repairs provides commercial services for your carpets. We understand that carpets are an excellent addition for a more vibrant atmosphere that is why we do not hesitate to provide our sought-after service for you!

Yes, we provide same day service with no hidden charges. Our technicians are punctual and can arrive at your location within an hour after confirming your booking.

If you are looking for a method to avoid staining of carpets, Scotchguard might be effective for your rugs! Scotchguard can give a degree of protection for your carpets.

  • 100% safe execution of the repair
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Convenient
  • Saves more money
  • Getting practical tips from licensed technicians