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How to know if your carpets are damaged

The interior designing of your hotels can never be completed without considering beautiful eye-catching carpets. You can’t ignore carpets’ importance in homes and hotels. Although it’s a huge investment, it’s a part of interior design. Carpeted flooring always attracts visitors or guests as compared to a bare floor.

We know that for maintaining carpeted floors you have to provide special care to carpets including its timely cleaning and repair. If you ever thought of replacement of a carpet, it’s because it gets damaged or it shows signs of colour fading or blurry look. But you have to understand that a damaged carpet can be repaired.

If your carpet gives older looks and gets damaged too early there are some reasons behind this and you have to understand these reasons. If your carpet gives the same new look after repair then why to invest too much on carpets. We know change of mind, things, habits everything is important but smart decisions are also important. Saving costs in homes or businesses will help you in many other ways.

So the question is when we can say that our carpets are damaged?

How long can carpets last?

The total life span of carpets is approximately 7 years to 15 years depending on your usage and care. In the case of hotels if they go for replacing a carpet with a new one it costs too much and an average cost may be more than ten thousand dollars except installation charges for a specific area not overall. So this is a huge amount and if you pay it every year then it’s not affordable at all.

Understandably, hotel staff is not competent to handle carpets with care or they are not well trained. They are provided with cleaning machines but they didn’t handle them properly and did not clean carpets properly. Although sometimes damages and stains are too difficult to handle without any professional service provider. In this scenario, if you do it by yourself then it can destroy your carpet. Now you got the point which are the mistakes by which your carpets get damaged and discoloured early.

Factors that affect the life of a carpet

Everything has a lifespan and this lifespan can be extended by providing special care. If things are handled poorly then they can’t perform accurately even for a short period.

Here we discussed some important factors responsible for the early aging of carpets.

High traffic areas

When you place carpet in high traffic areas and people pass over this carpet with their heels and hard shoe then the carpet gets damaged. Its fibres get weakened or compressed down. In this condition, a carpet with 15 years’ life only remains usable for 2-3 years. So always choose the correct location to place your carpet and choose carpet according to your mode of use.

Design of a carpet

Carpets are available in many designs, colour combinations, and in different qualities. Carpet designs also matter a lot in its life span, repair, and cleaning. Some carpets are available in solid colours and some are available having different patterns and contrasts. For a carpet with patterns and contrasts, you have to pay extra dollars during purchasing and also for repair. Their repair is also somehow difficult. Always prefer a solid colour carpet having a dark colour. On dark colour dust and strains are less visible. So always prefer dark colours in both designs to avoid cleaning every time.

Backing and padding of carpets

In hotels and restaurants mostly the flooring is of wood or hard tiles and carpet placed on this flooring has to bear more foot traffic. In this way, it gets damaged too early. Try to adjust padding under carpets in this way it has to bear less foot traffic and this strategy can provide long life to carpets. It will remain in good shape and will show an attractive appearance.

Use of chemicals

Normally in homes or hotels, we prefer to use bleach for cleaning different stains. The same is the case with carpets. We apply bleach on carpet to remove stains. The stain is removed with bleach but it also removes the colour of your carpet. There are many other ways of removing stains better than using bleach.

Take the services of professional cleaners for restoring your carpet. They use chemicals specially designed for this purpose and they know what concentration should be used according to the type of stain and carpet.

Here are a few activities which help you to better care your carpet

1) Scheduled vacuum cleaning

For keeping your carpet for a long time always vacuum clean it on a regular basis and use a vacuum with clean filters for maximum suction power. For high foot traffic areas clean the carpet daily or 4-5 times a week. For normal traffic areas clean twice a week.

2) Clean the stains at first sight

Normally in the hotel, you have noticed that when a stain appears on the carpet they let it dry rather than cleaning it on spot. This activity allows the stain to settle down and it becomes too hard to remove. Avoid usage of vinegar on the stain because it helps the stain to get adsorb to the fibres of the carpet.

3) Avoid scrubbing and rubbing on carpets

We think when we rub or scrub the carpet it gets cleaner but it’s wrong. Rubbing and scrubbing with too much pressure weakens the fibre and it starts getting damaged early.

These are some of the important tips discussed above. Hope these tips and strategies are helpful for you.